John Cena Will Be Replacing Dwayne Johnson As Lead In ‘The Janson Directive’

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John Cena and Dwayne Johnson have a lot in common. The main thing being that they’re both professional wrestlers who have successfully crossed over to the acting world. They are both legit actors now and their names alone add a lot of value to a film.

And now they’ll be working together…kinda. You see, Johnson was originally set to star as the lead in the upcoming adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s book The Janson Directive.

He recently dropped out of the role, due to his insanely busy schedule; however, he is still attached as a producer. And one of his first jobs as a producer? Find a new lead.

That’s where Cena enters. He has officially signed on to play the lead role in the film, and Johnson went on his Instagram account to congratulate him…



For those wondering, here is the official book synopsis…

“When billionaire philanthropist Peter Novak is kidnapped by a terrorist known as The Caliph, it’s up to Paul Janson, a legend in the notorious U.S. covert agency Consular Operations, to save him. But Janson’s rescue operation goes horribly wrong…and soon Janson is marked for death, the target of a ‘beyond salvage’ order issued from the highest level of the government. Now Janson is running for his life, pursued by Jessica Kincaid, a young agent of astonishing ability who can anticipate and counter his every move. To survive, Janson must outrace a conspiracy that has gone beyond the control of its originators. To win, he must counter it with a conspiracy of his own.”




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