Joaquin Phoenix Was Partly Responsible For Making The Golden Globes Go Vegan

Published On January 6, 2020 » 92 Views» By Z-rowe »

Joaquin Phoenix is not a huge fan of awards shows. Sometimes he doesn’t even bother to show up when he’s nominated.

But this year, Phoenix decided if he was going to attend these ceremonies, he might as well influence them a bit. According to multiple insiders, Phoenix was one of the reasons the Golden Globes featured a plant-based menu last night.

As some of you may know, Phoenix is a vegan and has made it clear he believes animal agriculture is fueling climate change, which if you believe science, it is indeed.

He won the award for Best Actor (Drama) for his role in Joker, and during his speech, he thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press for the plant-based menu.

First I would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change, it’s a very bold move, making tonight plant-based.

Phoenix is a weird dude, but I believe he has this one right. We don’t all have to go vegan, but we should stop consuming so much meat. You don’t need meat with every meal! You don’t even need it every day!

But hey, this is a movie blog. That’s enough preaching.




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