Jim Gaffigan Is A Movie Star Now, Will Star In Thriller ‘All The Animals Come Out at Night’

For a long time, it looked like Jim Gaffigan would forever be known as the “hot pockets” comedian, but it looks like that is changing. It looks like he might be the next stand-up comic to transform into a legit movie star.

According to a new report from Variety, Gaffigan will star in a dramatic thriller titled ‘All The Animals Come Out At Night.’ Robbie Jones, Tammy Blanchard and Isabel Arraiza are set to co-star.

Variety has us covered with the plot details:

“The film tells the story of Cam (Gaffigan), a former computer programmer, now a down on his luck driver. After suffering an emotional breakdown, and the subsequent loss of his job and family, he is a shell of the successful man he once was. Cam makes extra cash chauffeuring Mazz, a low-level drug dealer, around the city. As Cam’s situation deteriorates into a serious financial bind he decides to kidnap Mazz’s child in hopes of collecting a ransom from the cash-carrying dealer.”

And this is not the only film Gaffigan has coming out. He will also star in the comedy You Can Choose Your Family with Anna Gunn. In addition to that, he’s also set to co-star with Olivia Coleman in the dramatic film Them That Follow.

2018/2019 could be huge for Gaffigan.

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