Jesse Eisenberg Reveals He’s Social Distancing Inside An RV With His Family

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Jesse Eisenberg knows a thing or two about surviving challenging times. Or at least his character in ‘Zombieland‘ does.

Thankfully there are no zombies (yet) with this coronavirus pandemic, but should they come, Eisenberg is ready.

He talked with Conan this week via a livestream from his RV, which is currently traveling across the country. He’s driving from Los Angeles to Indiana with his family.

I was, like, in Los Angeles for work and then this happened and we were trying to get back to Indiana, where we live, and we rented an RV so we can isolate but also get back home.

We’re trying to get back to Indiana help out at my mother-in-law’s domestic violence shelter, who are losing their volunteers because their volunteers are college students.

Conan joked about Eisenberg’s terrible wifi connection, “I think it makes for compelling television…It does look like I’m talking to an astronaut in 1962.”

So how is the RV life for Eisenberg? Well, it’s a bit sketchy, especially the bathroom situation…

So, this is a car and a house, so, like, a million things can go wrong. And if you’ve ever had a car or a house, they often do. This is both.

And there’s…actually one thing wrong in this entire thing, which is the valve for the human waste is the one thing that’s not functioning well.

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