Jeremy Renner Reveals How He Broke Both Arms While Filming ‘Tag’ (VIDEO)

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If you want to see a silly comedy this weekend, ‘Tag‘ might be your best bet. The action-comedy is about a real life group of adult friends who play a global game of tag with each other. The movie is getting mixed (at best) reviews from critics, but it might be entertaining enough for a date night. If your date doesn’t care about art.

Jeremy Renner stars in the movie, and he’s hoping it performs well at the box office because he broke both his arms while filming it.

The actor was on The Tonight Show this past week and shared just how the accident occurred…

“There was this stunt on the second day of the movie where I was avoiding all of the guys. It’s a stack of chairs, like 20 feet high, and it’s supposed to fall over and I’m supposed to ride it down like a surfboard and then keep running. So that happened a couple of times and it wasn’t quite good enough, so let’s do it again, but the hinge broke.

It fell and I broke both, well I didn’t know I broke my arms. I just fell on the ground and I’m like, ‘That kind of hurt. Let’s do it again,’ I went up, did it again and it fell. I’m like, ‘Ah, OK. Whatever.'”

The pain started to increase, so he went to his trailer to rest, but after just minutes of being in his trailer, he noticed his arms were swelling a lot. He went to the hospital and discovered he had fractured both his radial and his wrist.

“I was like, ‘What do I do? What do I do now?’ Gotta go back to work. Finish the day. I went back to work, and it’s a scene where I’m flinging donuts. Here’s the worst part of it. I just go to the bathroom and they’re like, ‘You OK?’ I go to the bathroom and they’re like, ‘Oh god. Jeremy’s not coming back. He’s not coming back.’ I got locked in the dang bathroom because it’s a round knob.

Somebody in production came and got me. Literally pants down around my ankles. I was like, ‘Thanks, now can we go finish the day?'”

Check out the full interview below…




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