Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Are Making A Movie Together, Get The Details Inside!

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Normally, when two huge stars come together for a film, it’s because some studio knows whatever sequel/remake/adaptation they are making will generate a lot of money. But this situation with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence is a little different.

Two of the hottest stars in Hollywood are teaming up for an original concept. Shocking, right? The original screenplay, Passengers, was written by Jon Spaihts, and was initially going to have a modest budget. Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon were going to star in the sci-fi romance.

However, things never did work out with Warner Bros., and now Sony has decided to take on the project. And they must really believe in this screenplay because they are going BIG with the budget. Lawrence will be taking home $20 million, plus, 30% of the profit after the film breaks even. Pratt is signed on for the same deal; however, he will only be receiving $12 million up front.

What has Sony so excited? What is this film about? Well, you can check out the synopsis that has been floating around…

Passengers follows a man (Chris Pratt) who finds himself woken ninety years early from cryogenic sleep on board a colony ship partway through its decades long journey through space. Faced with the prospect of spending decades alone he decides to wake up another passenger (Jennifer Lawrence) which sparks a unique romance between the two.

Sounds interesting, and I love both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, so I will definitely buy a ticket when it hits theaters. As of right now, the film does not have an official release date, but reports say filming will begin this September.

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