Jason Statham Stars In Absolutely Insane Trailer For Shark Film ‘The Meg’

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Shark movies became popular after the success of ‘Jaws‘ back in 1975.  Obviously, the reason Jaws worked was because it was a brilliant movie, not because it was about a massive shark. But still, people tried to ride the shark train in Hollywood, and it never really worked out like they had hoped.

The folks behind the upcoming film ‘The Meg‘ are hoping they can change that. The title of the movie is short for Megalodon, a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark believed to be extinct, until one mysteriously shows up in the Pacific ocean.

“It’s no coincidence the creature appears off the coast of China, as ‘The Meg’ seems to be targeting the massive Chinese market with the casting of the local star Li Bingbing (‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’) as its female lead, an oceanographer’s daughter. Mr. Statham, a Brit, has proved more bankable as a member of an ensemble cast  than he has as a solo star, and ‘The Meg’ surrounds him with recognizable faces from TV series, including Cliff Curtis (‘Fear the Walking Dead’), Rainn Wilson (‘The Office’) and Ruby Rose (‘Orange is the New Black’).”

I must say, this trailer looks pretty dope. If you want to be entertained, I think this movie is going to deliver. Check out the trailer below. It’s scheduled to be released August 10, 2018.




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