James Cameron Enters 14-Day Quarantine Before Returning To ‘Avatar 2’ Set In New Zealand

As we told you last month, New Zealand has handled the coronavirus much better than the United States, which means filming/production in the country can resume.

This is great news for ‘Avatar 2‘ which was filming in New Zealand before the pandemic hit.

According to the reports, James Cameron and the rest of the crew are ready to start filming again, but first they must enter a 14-day government supervised quarantine.

Avatar producer Jon Landau announced the quarantine while sharing a photo of Cameron and himself arriving in New Zealand from Los Angeles after a 13-hour direct flight. The two men had originally planned to be back in New Zealand working on the Avatar sequels in the early spring, but production was suspended in mid-March amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As long as the quarantine goes well, filming on the sequel should begin later this month.

Along with Cameron and the producers, over 50 other crew members flew to New Zealand to begin the quarantine.

As of right now, Cameron still plans to release the first sequel December 17, 2021, which will be directly 12 years after the original film was released.

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