Jackie Chan And Film Crew Get Caught In Dangerous Mudslide While Filming ‘Project X’

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Jackie Chan is comfortable with danger. The dude has been performing ridiculous stunts his entire career, but a lot of planning goes into the stunts. He is experienced and meticulous, so we can only imagine how scary this week has been for him and his film crew.

Earlier this week, while filming ‘Project X‘, Chan and the entire crew had to rush to safety as the gloomy weather triggered a massive mudslide.

As you can see from the photo above, trucks full of equipment were being washed away. Chan went on his social media accounts to inform his fans no one was seriously injured…

“Our crew were caught in a massive mudslide! A few of our production trucks were stuck in the river of rushing mud. Our production team will learn from this experience; be more alert to the weather conditions, do our best to protect our crew members and ensure that working conditions are absolutely safe.”

So now that we know everyone is safe, let’s talk about this film. What is Project X? Well, we don’t know much, but we do know John Cena is co-starring in the movie, which is reportedly about two former special-forces soldiers escorting civilians to safety along Baghdad’s Highway of Death.

No word on when this film will be released, but we will keep you posted.




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