It’s Official: Woody Harrelson Will Play Villain In New ‘Planet of the Apes’ Movie!

The next film in the Planet of the Apes franchise won’t hit theaters until 2017, but it’s already making headlines with a surprising announcement. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Woody Harrelson has joined the project and will play a bad guy character named The Colonel.

Obviously, since the film is still a couple of years away from hitting theaters, plot details are being kept secret. The movie’s title, War of the Planet of the Apes, suggests there will be a major battle between the surviving humans and the apes. It looks like Woody’s Colonel character will be one of the main people leading the fight.

Director Matt Reeves will be returning for this new film, which should make fans extremely happy. Reeves did a wonderful job last year with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It was a rare film that pleased both critics and fans.

Right now, Mr. Harrelson is currently filming LBJ, and you can watch him in a theater near you this November in the final Hunger Games movie. He’s a busy man.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on War of the Planet of the Apes. More casting news should be announced soon.

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