It’s Official: Sam Smith Is Performing The ‘Spectre’ Theme Song, Find Out The Title And Release Date Inside!

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It looks like the haters will have to continue to hate. When Sam Smith seemed to hint that he would be recording the Spectre theme song yesterday, fans of the James Bond franchise weren’t exactly thrilled. They refused to believe the news.

But now things are official. Sony Pictures confirmed earlier today that the Stay With Me singer is the man behind the new theme song. The title of the track will be Writing’s On The Wall, and it’s currently scheduled for a September 25 release date. According to CinemaBlend, that is for the UK release date. The tune won’t drop in the states until almost a month later on October 23.

Of course, that means almost nothing. Once it’s released in the UK, the song will be spread all over the internet, so don’t think you’ll have to wait an extra month to hear it.

And while hardcore fans might be disappointed with the news, Spectre producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli believe this could be the greatest Bond song of all time…

“Sam and Jimmy have written the most inspirational song for SPECTRE and with Sam’s extraordinary vocal performance, ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ will surely be considered one of the greatest Bond songs of all time.”

You see? The world is not going to end. Sam Smith has an amazing voice. The song will be glorious. The movie will be even better, and we will all celebrate with a global hug.

Spectre will hit U.S. theaters November 6, 2015.




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