It Was Another Solid Weekend At The Box Office, With ‘F9’ Still At The Top Spot

Theaters across the country are still trying to get back to 100%. Yeah, more and more people are going to the movies, but the numbers are not where they were before the pandemic.

20% of theaters in the country are still closed, and studios didn’t really release any huge blockbuster this holiday weekend, which means numbers were down compared to your standard 4th of July weekend. In total, the box office made around $70 million this past weekend, a significant drop from what you’d typically expect, which is around $150 million.

But still, $70 million is a decent showing, and it’s enough to prove theaters are not dead. ‘F9’ made nearly $23 million of that total, coming in the top spot once again. It’s now made over $120 million domestically, and around $500 million worldwide. That’s a huge number.

In second place was Boss Baby 2, which made $16 million, and then The Forever Purge came in at third with a respectable $12 million.

Meanwhile, the indie A24 film ‘Zola’ made over $1 million during its limited run. It kicked off in just over 1,000 theaters across the country, mostly in New York City, Austin, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Sensing ‘Zola’ would be an appealing big-screen draw, A24, the studio behind indie favorites such as ‘Lady Bird,’ ‘Uncut Gems’ and ‘Minari,’ opted to delay the film’s theatrical release rather than debut it on video-on-demand platforms. A24, in note to press on Sunday, reported that arthouse theaters saw some of their best grosses of the year.

So yeah, overall? It’s a win for cinema. We’ll take it.

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