It Was A Disappointing Weekend At The Box Office As Secret Life of Pets 2 Takes Top Spot

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Hollywood has to be a little disappointed this Monday morning after a slow summer weekend at the box office.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 had its opening weekend at the box office, and won the top spot easily, but the final number is still disappointing. It made $47.1 million, which is below the projected $50 million.

You’ll remember that the first film in the franchise made a ridiculous $104 million during its opening weekend. The studio expected a drop, but we can’t imagine they expected such a significant one.

That being said, they won’t lose any money. The film was made on an $80 million budget, and globally it’s made nearly $100 million.

The news is even worse for Dark Phoenix, which also opened this past weekend. It opened to just $33 million, the lowest opening ever for an X-Men film. It has a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the general audience gave it a B- on CinemaScore, which is average at best.

Dark Phoenix worked with a $200 million budget, so it’s possible the studio could lose a nice chunk of change, although the film is performing moderately well overseas. It’s too early to know just how much they’ll lose.

Meanwhile, ‘Aladdin‘ made another $24 million, which pushes its domestic total to over $232 million.




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