‘It Follows’ Star Maika Monroe Just Landed The Female Lead In The Upcoming ‘Independence Day 2’

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Have you watched It Follows? I know everyone is all about the 90-minute commercial for Skype (Unfriended) right now, but It Follows is the horror film you need to watch. It’s brilliant and extremely disturbing, but not in the “OH MY GOD, HIS HAND IS STUCK INSIDE A BLENDER!” way.

Anyway, why do I bring this up? Because one of the stars of the film just grabbed the female lead in the Summer 2016 blockbuster Independence Day 2.

The big announcement came yesterday via director Roland Emmerich’s Twitter account…


Okay, so you need more information? No problem. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Maika Monroe will be playing the daughter of Bill Pullman’s character President Thomas J. Whitmore. There are also rumors going around that her character will be a love interest for the character being played by Liam Hemsworth.

Apparently, Monroe beat out some pretty talented actresses for the part, including, Britt Robertson and Gabriella Wilde.

Maybe it was her experience with aliens that impressed the director? She just recently finished production on the sci-fi, alien invasion thriller The 5th Wave. The young adult adaptation, which also stars Chloe Moretz, is expected to hit theaters in January of 2016.

It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Maika Monroe in the future.

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