‘It: Chapter Two’ Has Solid Opening, Bringing In Over $90 Million In Its Debut

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As expected, it was a successful opening weekend at the box office for ‘It: Chapter Two

The sequel to 2017’s ‘It‘ was expected to make around $85 million this past weekend, which would have made it the second-best opening for a horror film, only behind its predecessor.

Did it make it? Yes. ‘It: Chapter Two’ earned $91 million during its opening weekend. The first film made $123 million during its debut back in 2017, so that means this sequel came in 25% behind.

The drop was expected though, partly because this sequel was getting mixed reviews from critics. The hype wasn’t as insane this time around.

But still, a $91 million opening for an r-rated horror film is absolutely fantastic, and we’re sure the studio is super happy.

The film also made $94 million internationally, which means it had a cool $185 million total globally.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this sequel had a $90 million budget before marketing. Warners domestic distribution chief Jeff Goldstein, told the site the following..

For me, the big headline is that we now have the No. 1 and No. 2 horror openings. We always said this film would get to $85 million or $90 million; we were never going to hit lightning in a bottle again.

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