Is Aaron Paul Playing Dumb? Claims He Doesn’t Know Anything About ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

Published On March 18, 2019 » 324 Views» By Z-rowe »

Well, this is awkward. We, along with every other blog, have been reporting this ‘Breaking Bad‘ movie as fact. It was reported by Variety that the movie will premiere on Netflix and AMC.

This report coming after the New Mexico Film Office revealed a film titled ‘Greenbrier’ was scheduled to start filming in Albuquerque earlier this year.

Most people thought this ‘Greenbrier’ film was the Breaking Bad movie because the description stated that “it tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” And some of you may remember Jesse Pinkman was kidnapped by a gang of neo-Nazis and forced to cook meth with them until he escaped, thanks to Walter White.

SO YEAH, BOOM BAM POP! This is a sure thing, right? Maybe not. At the Sun Valley Film Festival this past weekend, Aaron Paul was asked about the movie, and he claimed to not know much information.

I haven’t heard anything about the ‘Breaking Bad’ movie but if there is one and it comes together I’d love to be a part of it. If it were to happen, yes, I would love to do it. In case you haven’t caught up on the TV series, Walter dies, so….it has to star Jesse.

Weird. I suppose the filming could have been pushed back, but even still, how would he not know anything about it? Seems unlikely.

Either the rumors were greatly exaggerated, or Paul is playing the hell out of us.

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