‘In The Heights’ Makes Just $11 Million At The Box Office, But Is It Really A Flop?

So the movie musical event ‘In The Heights‘ hit theaters this past weekend and most projections had the film making around $20 million in its opening weekend.

Unfortunately, the movie made just $11.4 million, which many are calling a disappointment.

But is it really? Well, it’s complicated. You see, the movie was also available to watch on HBO Max for free. Well, free provided you already pay for HBO Max.

So that definitely hurt the film’s numbers at the box office. Why would people go spend $40 at the movies when they can just watch it at home for free?

But of course, one could point to the recent Conjuring film, which made over $20 million during its opening weekend, despite the fact that it also premiered on HBO Max at the same time.

However you have to consider that horror movies almost always perform well at the box office, and The Conjuring had the franchise boost.

Yeah, ‘In The Heights’ was a hit Broadway show before becoming a film, but not a lot of people follow Broadway. For example, back in 2008, Mamma Mia made $27.6 million during its opening weekend at the box office, and that was based on one of the highest-grossing Broadway shows ever.

So the fact that ‘In The Heights’ *only* brought home $11 million isn’t really that disappointing. Honestly, it should have been expected, considering we are still coming out of a pandemic, and you could watch it for free on HBO Max.

One could argue the $20 million projections were a little too optimistic.

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