IMAX: Hubble 3D Review

I am a documentary geek, love them and chase them like a groupie! Being a Sci Fi enthusiastic was really excited about this one, the reviews were great, narration supposedly amazing and the imagery well, when I saw the trailer to Imax: Hubble 3D got all hyped up!

Change our view of the Universe… ah yes finally something significant, something that will reach in to the depths of my mind and soul, this was about to be awesome!

Unfortunately there are no IMAX theaters nearby so I had to see the movie in a normal mortal resolution.
So I was sitting down in that comfy theater chair waiting to be delighted by Leonardo Dicaprio’s voice, what else could a girl ask for? Leo and the Starts in the solitude of space with the Earth as a back light…Haaaaa life was good…that is until… Zzzzzzzzz Hun, did you say something? Ah yes, until I literally fell asleep!

Dear god whoever he may be I have never been so bored in a theater in my life, and believe me I have a good dose of tolerance; I am fan of Woody Allen!

A documentary needs a story, even when you are dealing with historic facts you need a narrative to keep things interesting, there is nothing of that here, you get the facts thrown at you and then some images of space to wow the 10% of people that managed to see it in IMAX.

The narration tries to appeal to you in the same style Carl Sagan did, with moment s of introspection and a bit of poetry, but it never got close to the legend.
So did it change my view of the Universe? Oh you bet it did, it’s as deeply exciting as 15pm at the DMV but with less emotionally intensity, I rate it at 30%. (Dicaprio saved it a bit…)

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  2. Amanda, IMAX 3D ring a bell? Maybe you didn’t like it because you didn’t see it in IMAX and 3d! 😀

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