Idris Elba Is Still In Quarantine After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

As you probably heard last week, Idris Elba tested positive for coronavirus. He made a video to let his fans know and to spread the message of social distancing and staying home.

At the time, Elba had very minor symptoms. He had a headache at one point and some fatigue, but nothing serious at all.

And thankfully one week later, it’s still the same. He posted an update on Twitter and admitted he hopes to return to London soon…

That immunity/antibody test could be huge for the future. If we’re able to see who is immune, then those people can go back to work, take care of people, etc. I know there are several countries working on a test, so hopefully it will be available soon.

And hopefully immunity lasts a significant amount of time. Typically, with coronaviruses (for example, the common cold) immunity lasts 6-12 months. But some doctors believe it’ll be longer with this strain, maybe up to two years, as was the case with SARS back in 2002-2003.

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