Ice Cube Set To Star In Upcoming Sci-Fi Flick For Universal

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You probably know Ice Cube as a rapper, but your kids? Well, they know him as an actor. Cube is a legit movie star.

After the success of his ‘Ride Along‘ films, Universal has decided to work with Cube on an upcoming grounded sci-fi movie, with Patrick Aiello and Timur Bekmambetov producing.

Music video/commercial director Rich Lee is set to direct from a script by Kenneth Golde.

Plot details are vague other then it being described as a grounded sci-fi film in the vein of District 9 that touches on themes of privacy versus surveillance. Universal has greenlighted the film and has fast tracked it by having it go into production next month.

So the fact that they have fast tracked it makes me think it’s a movie set in only a handful of locations. Those are the movies getting filmed right now.

According to the report from Deadline, new technology being used will allow for more remote production.

This new technology will allow for a fully remote production with all actors and crew working from their individual separate locations. So basically if Cube wanted his part of the shoot to be done from his home, it could be done without a problem and with crew working from somewhere else.

Sounds a little strange to me, but hey…we’ll see how it goes.

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