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i spit on your grave, remakes, movie remakesHere’s the thing. I saw the original 1978 film, I Spit On Your Grave. It was a horrific, demented and obscene film. So much so, that you really can not find that original film in rental stores anywhere. I do believe, to the best of my knowledge it needs to be special ordered.

Now, here comes the remake. i don;t really know why anyone would want to remake and re release this film as it was truly a horrific film to watch. the original was extremely graphic and for all intents and purposes, well shot and directed. You are sucked into the main characters pain and agony without even realizing it. My suggestion if you can handle this type of flick…is to see the original. There is just no way that a remake can come close to that. Horror movies from the 70’s were crudely shot and oft times, extremely graphic. Yet, this era produced some of the greatest horror films of our time.

I wouldn’t classify I Spit On Your Grave as a horror film however.  It’s worse than that. It truly is…I am not just inducing panic here. It really is that horrific. But again, I tell you to see the original if you must. But, I do give you the trailer for the remake here. Share your thoughts and let me know if you happened to see the original.

I Spit On Your Grave Trailer 2011

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