Huge Casting News For ‘Independence Day 2’ Liam Hemsworth Grabs Lead Role, Jeff Goldblum Returns!

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Three names have been added to the Independence Day 2 cast, but you’ve probably only heard of two of them. It was announced yesterday that Liam Hemsworth has officially been cast in a lead role. His character hasn’t been named yet, but reports claim he will be playing the nephew of Bill Pullman’s president character, which is a little confusing if it is true.

If I remember correctly (it’s been a while), but the President had a daughter in the original movie, right? Why not just bring her back? Why create some nephew character we never saw in the first film? I would have loved to see someone like Natalie Dormer kicking some alien butt.

Anyway, the good news is that Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role from the original film. Sadly, Will Smith won’t be returning, but an actor by the name of Jessie Usher will reportedly play the son of Will Smith’s character in the sequel.


Jessie Usher may not be a huge name right now, but many experts believe this blockbuster will make him a household name. He’s just 23-years-old and is already the lead of Starz’s series, Survivor’s Remorse. He also starred in the 2014 film, When the Game Stands Tall.

Currently, the film is expected to hit theaters June 24, 2016, which is almost exactly 20 years after the original film was released in theaters back in 1996.

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