Honest Trailers Has A Difficult Time Making Fun Of ‘Logan’ — Watch Them Try Inside! (VIDEO)

Published On May 23, 2017 » 805 Views» By Z-rowe »

Honest Trailers decided to challenge themselves for their 200th video by trying to make fun of the movie Logan.¬†Most of the time, when they release these honest trailers, they’re picking low-hanging fruit. There are a lot of crappy movies to choose from.

But picking Logan for their 200th video takes some balls, ’cause they knew it was going to be hard. In fact, they discovered they couldn’t do it on their own.¬†They had to call in some help.

Ryan Reynolds made a cameo as Deadpool, but even he had trouble making fun of the film. Instead, he spent his time praising the movie, and once again made it clear that he believes Hugh Jackman deserves to win an Academy Award for his performance.

Check out the action below, and congrats to Honest Trailers for hitting the 200 mark!

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