‘Home Alone’ Scenes With Blood Are Super Disturbing, We Can See Why They Left It Out! (VIDEO)

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We all know Home Alone is a holiday classic. The memory of the film is probably still fresh in your mind because you most likely watched it a billion times last month.

And during your multiple viewings, you might have wondered, “Why is there no blood?” The Wet Bandits take some nasty hits throughout the film, thanks to Kevin’s sadistic traps, but somehow they manage to almost not bleed at all.

That’s because it was a movie made for children. If they were accurate with their injuries, the rating would have went from PG to a risky PG-13.

We know this for a fact, thanks to the hilarious/slightly disturbing clips you see below. A series of YouTube videos show what it would be like if the Home Alone franchise was splattered with blood.

Basically, they’re turning the family comedy into a legit horror by simply adding a little (a lot) of blood. I’m not a fan of remakes, but I’d be down for an R-rated horror remake of Home Alone.




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