‘Home Alone’ Is Going To Remade For Disney’s New Streaming Service

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Home Alone‘ is a Christmas classic. Hell, ‘Home Alone 2‘ is also a Christmas classic. They managed to do the impossible. They made a sequel that was equal to the original, and instead of patting themselves on the back and moving on, they tried to make a third film.

Oh, you didn’t know about Home Alone 3? That’s probably because it sucked incredible a**. No one liked it. That was back in 1997.

And now in 2019, we are hearing that Disney wants to reboot the franchise once more. As some of you may know, Disney acquired Fox in a massive $70 billion deal, which has opened the door for Disney to reboot more franchises.

On Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger, revealed that the recent acquisition will allow “Disney+ to be the home for the ‘reimagining’ of many kid-friendly titles from the studio’s library, including Home AloneNight at the MuseumCheaper by the Dozen, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s currently unclear if these reboots will be films or TV series.”

You heard it from the CEO himself. Home Alone is going to be reimagined, along with every other childhood classic. Basically, Disney is running out of their own films to remake, so now they’re having to buy other studios to make theirs.

On the real though, I could see a Cheaper by the Dozen TV series. I wouldn’t want a film, but I think you could explore the world with a series.

But as for the Home Alone sh*t? Nah. I’m not down with that.




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