Hollywood Studios Might Launch A $30 Movie Rental Service As Early As Next Year, Get The Details Inside!

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We told you all about the MoviePass madness last week. If you missed it, you can click on this link. Basically, if you pay $10 a month, you can watch a movie inside a theater near you every single day. It’s a pretty incredible deal. One that deserves an “as seen on TV” sticker on it.

And now Hollywood studios are trying to get in on the action by offering their own deal, but it sounds like a pile of dog sh*t compared to the MoviePass subscription.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Comcast, Amazon and Apple are teaming up to develop a delivery system for premium VOD titles. Hollywood studios would work with them by allowing them to offer movies just 30 days after they are released inside theaters. Customers would have to pay $30 to rent the movie.

That’s right, folks. $30 to rent one movie, which doesn’t like a great deal at all. I guess it makes sense if you have a family, because then you’d be spending $30+ at the theater anyway, but if you’re single? It doesn’t seem all that enticing.

“Insiders say Comcast, Apple and Amazon are actively developing the delivery system for PVOD titles, including figuring out antipiracy measures. A number of platforms, including the other major cable providers and digital players, will ultimately be a part of PVOD as well, since the goal is to saturate the marketplace.” 

Premium VOD titles could be available to rent as early as next year. The year-end holiday films like Pitch Perfect 3 and Greatest Showman on Earth could be the first titles offered starting in January.

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