This Hilarious Jurassic World/Parks And Rec Trailer Mashup Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

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I apologize for the Upworthy-style headline, but I feel like it is appropriate for the greatness down below. If you are like me, you were probably a little disappointed with the first Jurassic World trailer. It just didn’t get me excited for the film. It was missing something, you know? And at first, I thought that thing was more action, but I was completely wrong.

You know what it was missing? Andy Dwyer. Fans of Parks and Recreation will forever associate Chris Pratt with his goofball character on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. He played the role perfectly, and I still can’t believe I am having to write that in past tense. Filming of the final season of the show wrapped up back in December, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to Pawnee just yet.

We still have the final season (which premieres next week) to watch, and thanks to the fine folks at Thanks Mom Productions, we now have this beautiful Jurassic Parks and Recreation trailer.

Check it out down below…

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