A Haunted House 2 – Teaser Trailer and Movie Poster Release

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In case you were wondering what Marlon Wayans has been up to (neither was I but I do have the answer), it’s Haunted House 2.

With the critical un-success but the financial success of the first Haunted House movie, Marlon got the go ahead to produce the 2nd installment.  If this is starting to sound familiar it’s because it’s following the same pattern as the Wayans produced Scary Movie franchise which has 5 installments.

What does financial success means for a Wayans production, A Haunted House 1 pulled in $60 million Worldwide costing only 2.5 million dollars to produce.  With that kind of return on investment, studios are willing to roll the dice again on the sequel at this point it’s really not even a dice roll, it’s more like an ATM machine.  [more…]

Here is the trailer….and the movie poster.  Like most spoof movies, the trailer is funny, let’s just hope they haven’t used up all the good jokes making it.





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