‘Halloween Kills’ Has Very Nice $4.9 Million Thursday Night Preview, How Much Could It Make This Weekend?

The latest installment in the ‘Halloween’ film franchise is being released inside theaters this week. Jamie Lee Curtis has returned once again for ‘Halloween Kills’

The movie had its Thursday night preview and it brought in a pretty nice $4.9 million. The 2018 ‘Halloween‘ sequel made $7.7 million in its preview night, but that was pre-pandemic and there was more hype surrounding that film. It actually ended up being the best opening and highest grossing film in the entire franchise with a $255 million global total.

So how much might ‘Halloween Kills’ make this weekend? Well, most experts say it should reach the $30 million mark, and possibly even the $35 to $40 million mark. It’ll be interesting to see if it actually hits that number because it’s also available to stream for paid users on NBC’s streaming service.

Typically, the films that have these hybrid releases don’t perform as well inside theaters, but since Peacock is not exactly the most well known streaming service, maybe it won’t impact its theater haul as much.

Halloween Kills follows Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) after she learns that Myers did not die in the fiery inferno she cooked up at the end of the last movie. Laurie rallies her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and the town of Haddonfield to rise up against Michael Myers as he prepares for his umpteenth blood-letting.

There’s a sequel scheduled for October 14, 2022, so don’t expect Michael to die in this flick. That will likely come next year in the appropriately titled Halloween Ends.

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