Good Guy Chris Pratt Highlights Hard Working Crew Members On Set Of ‘Jurassic World 2’ (VIDEO)

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Chris Pratt, at one point, was one of Hollywood’s most adored actors. When he starred in Parks & Rec on NBC, he was extremely likable. But then he started to transition into a huge movie star, got a divorce from Anna Faris, and started to come off a bit douchey at times.

But thankfully, we’re now seeing the return of Good Guy Chris. The 38-year-old actor started a series called ‘Jurassic Journals‘ while filming ‘Jurassic World’ a few years ago. The series focused on the hard working crew on set of the film. The little guys who don’t get much attention, you know?

Pratt continued the series for Jurassic World 2 and you can view some of the videos below.

He talks to a make-up artist named Vivian Baker, an assistant script supervisor name Kelly Krieg and even an expert diver named Pete Harcourt. You can tell these people really enjoyed being recognized for their hard work. We spend so much time focusing on the actors/directors that we forget it truly takes a village to make a movie.

Well done, Pratt.

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