‘Get Out’ Will Be Considered A “Comedy” At The Golden Globes This Awards Season

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Get Out‘ is one of the best films of 2017, according to almost every film critic out there, and it has a legit shot of surprising some people this awards season.

But to surprise people at the Golden Globes, Get Out must enter the ring as a comedy. Variety Awards Editor Kristopher Tapley tweeted that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association met and determined that Jordan Peele’s masterpiece will be considered in the “Best Comedy or Musical” category.

Obviously, most people would not classify Get Out as a comedy. It’s a horror film, a drama, thriller…but a comedy? Not really. It might have some funny moments, but that doesn’t make it a comedy.

This is normal for the Golden Globes, though. The ‘Comedy or Musical’ category is one of the more baffling parts of the show. Last year, La La Land was going up against Deadpool and Sing Street. And in 2016, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film The Martian won the award for Best Comedy or Musical, which shocked everyone at the time.

“The Martian kerfuffle forced the HFPA to change their rules, with dramas with comedic moments being properly corralled into the drama category. Supposedly. Get Out is a tricky one because it is a very funny movie and a pointed, fiery satire. However, the comedy is the relief around the edges of a vicious horror movie, an angry examination of race in America. It doesn’t cleanly fit into any genre, but it would probably feel more at home in the drama category. But the HFPA clearly disagrees.”

I think they placed Get Out in the comedy category to make it a clear favorite to win. This way, Get Out has its moment in the sun, but they also leave room for another movie to win Best Drama. The Golden Globes constantly tries to bake, have, decorate and eat their cake too.

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