George Clooney’s ‘Suburbicon’ Has Miserable Week At The Box Office, One Of Paramount’s Biggest Flops Of All Time

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George Clooney has to be extremely disappointed today. His film, Suburbicon, completely failed at the box office. Even though it boasted a cast of Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac, it did not perform well with anyone. The critics hated it, and the box office numbers prove the general audience hated it as well.

It debuted on over 2,000 screens across the country, but it earned just $2.8 million this weekend. It’s one of the worst performing wide-releases ever for Paramount Pictures. The film cost $25 million to produce and $10 million to distribute.

Kyle Davies, president of distribution for Paramount, admits they are disappointed…

“Obviously we are disappointed in these results which we don’t feel are indicative of the quality and message of this original movie.”

This is not a case of poor marketing. It’s not like Suburbicon wasn’t promoted. People knew about the film, they just didn’t care, most likely because of the poor reviews. One critic for Vice said the film was “so bafflingly bad, so fundamentally ill-conceived, so wanting in basic tenets of tone and narrative, it almost feels like the work of a first-time director…”

That’s a huge F U to Clooney, ’cause it’s not his first time directing a film. This was his fifth time sitting in the director’s chair, although, it was the first time he didn’t also star in the movie.

Better luck next time.

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