Gal Gadot Reportedly Made Just $300,000 For ‘Wonder Woman’ Is This Another Sign Of Hollywood Sexism?

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Wonder Woman‘ was a huge success. You all know this. It’s made over $500 million at the global box office, and both critics and fans absolutely love it. It was one of the biggest, most refreshing surprises of the summer.

And one would think the star of the film, Gal Gadot, received a huge check for her work. But according to multiple reports, Gadot only made $300,000.

But before we call out Hollywood for sexism, we should note that Chris Evans earned roughly the same amount for the first Captain America movie. Also, you have to remember that Gadot was relatively unknown as an actress when she signed the three-movie deal, which has her getting multiple $300,000 checks. One for Batman v Superman, one for Wonder Woman and one for Justice League. That’s $900,000 total.

According to insiders, there were bonuses worked in for Wonder Woman, so she will probably earn a lot more than $300,000. And when they decide to make a Wonder Woman 2, you can bet she’ll be making millions.

TMZ reports:

“We’re told the $300k is about right, but sources familiar with the negotiations tell TMZ she has ‘huge performance bonuses’ for ‘Wonder Woman’ and she will end up with many times the base salary.”

No way she accepts another $300,000 offer.




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