Friday Giggles: Watch The Uncomfortably Hilarious Table Read Of The Sex Scene From ‘Superbad’ (VIDEO)

Published On March 3, 2017 » 836 Views» By Z-rowe »

It’s Friday, and movie news is scattered right now, so let’s take a moment to relive that awkward sex scene from Superbad.

Before a movie starts filming, the actors will get together and read the script together. This is called a table read, and most of the time they’re pretty boring. It’s just so the writers and directors can get a feel for which jokes are working, what lines of dialogue sound confusing, etc.

During the table read for Superbad, the actors were forced to read (and kinda act out) the awkward sex scene from the movie.

It was hilarious. Honestly, this table read is more hilarious than the actual scene.

Since it’s Friday, we’re going to spoil you with another gem from this table read. Check out the introduction of McLovin…




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