Forbes Reveals Dwayne Johnson Is Highest Paid Actor In The Magazine’s 20 Year History

Published On July 18, 2018 » 572 Views» By Z-rowe »

Dwayne Johnson started from the bottom and now he’s at the top. Back in 1995, after getting cut from the Canadian Football League, Johnson had just $7 in his wallet.

Fast forward 23 years later and Johnson is now the highest paid actor in Forbes magazine history. According to the publication, Johnson made a ridiculous $124 million last year, more than any actor ever on the Celebrity 100 list. He nearly doubled the $65 million he earned in the previous year.

Johnson reacted to the news on his Instagram account. You can check out his post below…



There’s a little motivation for you on this Wednesday afternoon. I currently have $0 in my wallet right now, so in 20 years, I’ll probably be even richer than Johnson! I CAN’T WAIT!




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