First Trailer For Lars Von Trier’s ‘The House That Jack Built’ Has Been Released (VIDEO)

If you haven’t heard, Lars von Trier warned his fans that ‘The House That Jack Built‘ would be his most brutal/violent project ever, and it looks like he was being 100% serious.

The first trailer for the drama/thriller was released this week and it features Matt Dillon in the title role as a serial killer named Jack.

“Von Trier’s script follows Jack’s development as a murderer, following him through five important killings and providing glimpses into his troubling coming-of-age experience. Uma Thurman and Riley Keough star as two of Jack’s victims.”

It’s set to hit theaters in the fall and we can’t wait to watch it, and then have trouble sleeping for the next week.

As mentioned above, this movie also stars Uma Thurman, Riley Keough and Siobhan Fallon.

Check out the brutal trailer below…

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