The First Reviews For ‘La La Land’ Are Coming In, And It Looks Like Fans Of The Traditional Musical Will Fall In Love With This Film

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As your local movie theater turns into a playground for comic book movies, sequels, and comedies featuring Kevin Hart, one unique musical will attempt to find a safe place to hang on the jungle gym.

We showed you the first teaser trailer for La La Land last month. The trailer was simple, but still extremely effective because it painted such a beautiful picture. It promised to bring the Hollywood musical back home. A home that isn’t filled with rowdy teenagers singing Katy Perry covers. No, this home is filled with responsible adults who realize Katy Perry songs should only be performed in the shower.

La La Land, directed and written by the talented Damien Chazelle, won’t hit theaters until its limited release in December, but it opened the Venice Film Festival, which means critics were treated to an early screening. The reviews coming in have been overwhelmingly positive. So far, only 7 officials review have been counted on Rotten Tomatoes.

All the reviews seem to agree on one thing: this movie will delight fans of classic musicals. Variety’s Owen Gleiberman writes that it’s the most daring big-screen musical in a long time because it’s the most traditional.

“The most audacious big-screen musical in a long time, and — irony of ironies — that’s because it’s the most traditional. In his splashy, impassioned, shoot-the-moon third feature, Chazelle, the 31-year-old writer-director of “Whiplash,” pays meticulous homage to the look and mood and stylized trappings of the Hollywood musicals of the ’40s and, especially, the ’50.”

And Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter had a similar reaction to the movie…

All the same, for Chazelle to be able to pull this off the way he has is something close to remarkable. The director’s feel for a classic but, for all intents and purposes, discarded genre format is instinctive and intense; he really knows how to stage and frame dance and lyrical movement, to transition smoothly from conventional to musical scenes, to turn naturalistic settings into alluring fantasy backdrops for set pieces, and to breathe new life into what many would consider cobwebbed cliches.

Check out the teaser trailer below, and go support this film when it hits theaters in December.


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