The First Full ‘Expendables 3’ Trailer – Makes Getting Old Look Fun!

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With the premiere coming just a few months away, Lionsgate decided to give us a little more than a sneak peek by releasing the first full trailer.  Until now we have just been watching and rewatching the roll call teaser trailer.  To say that this is an all star cast is putting it lightly, the net worth of this cast alone is probably more than the national debt.

I think what I like most about the Expendables franchise is that it knows what it is.  It knows it’s cheesy and over the top and in the third installment they continue to embrace both of these.  The trailer shows Mel Gibson as Conrad Stonebacks and it’s clear he is the bad guy.  It also makes a few things clear; there are more stars, more explosions and more cheesy one liners – so if you liked the first two, then number 3 will not disappoint.

With a release date of August 15, as the caption says, Let’s “Get Ready for One Last Run”.   Watch the trailer below.


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