‘Finding Dory’ Is The Box Office Champ For Second Week In A Row, ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Opens With Disappointing Numbers

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Well, we told you this was coming. After we heard that critics in the US weren’t getting an early screening of Independence Day: Resurgence, we figured that was a bad sign. If they were truly proud of the movie they produced, they would have opened the doors to every critic out there.

But the truth is, the studio probably knew they were in a bit of trouble with this one. International critics destroyed the movie before its weekend release here in the states, which probably contributed to the poor performance at the box office.

The sequel took home just $41.6 million in the US, and that might sound like a lot of money, but we must remind you that the original film took home $50 million during its opening weekend back in 1996. And that was 20 years ago, when ticket prices wouldn’t take half your paycheck.

And this sequel was reportedly made for $165 million, so yeah…it’s safe to assume the studio must be a little disappointed. Even the international opening of $102.1 million still has to be disappointing. If you combine the totals, it still comes in below the $165 million budget, which doesn’t even include the ridiculous amount of money spent on marketing the film.

But hey, it wasn’t all bad news at the box office. Finding Dory is still bringing in that money. The sequel to Finding Nemo was at the top of the box office again this weekend. It brought home another $72 million, bringing its domestic total to a sweet $286 million.




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