It’s Finally Here! Check Out Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone In First Teaser Trailer For ‘La La Land’

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Are you one of those people who make plans five months in advance? If so, put this film down on your list right now. La La Land is writer/director Damien Chazelle’s first feature film since surprising everyone with his debut Whiplash in 2014. The movie earned a total of three Oscars and made people excited to see what his next project would be.

Well, here it is. The romantic musical stars Ryan Gosling as a jazz musician named Sebastian, and Emma Stone stars as his girlfriend Mia, who has dreams of becoming an actress. Both Sebastian and Mia are trying to balance a relationship while also trying to deal with the struggles of making it big in Hollywood.

Casting Gosling and Stone was a great move. Not only are they incredibly talented, but they also have a long history of working together. Their romance in Crazy, Stupid, Love is still talked about today. In fact, people are still holding out hope they will end up together in real life one day, so making them come together in this “contemporary Hollywood musical” is a fantastic move.

The trailer doesn’t offer too many details on the plot. Heck, it doesn’t feature dialogue either. Instead, you have Ryan Gosling’s original song City of Stars playing in the background as we watch Stone and Gosling dance and stare at each other lovingly on screen.

La La Land will hit theaters December 16, 2016.


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