Films that need to be made

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After Pedro constantly pestering me asking for a creative topic, I decided to give up and bring you guys this indispensable piece of literature.

It’s just something that I have felt many many times after watching a movie that was really good, just felt like it was not finished, or both!

A good example of this was the Matrix trilogy, one of my favorite films of all time  and contrary to many critiques I found the trilogy as a whole enjoyable,  not just the original first movie  but always felt like the third one didn’t really finish the story, far too many questions unanswered.

For one the dialogue between NEO and the Architect in the second film left so many open possibilities that were not fully explored, Revolutions barely explored anything other than the main dominant battle for ZION.

The end of the film screams for a fourth installment, why do you think that Wachowski Brothers made sure to transport NEO’s Matrix powers to the Real World and why isn’t NEO’s death explored a bit more at the end of the movie?

Was so hopeful a couple of weeks back when the rumor that the 4th and 5th installments were going to be made, but turned out that it was just a silly April’s fool joke (god I hate a April Fools) and the possibility of having final closure on the story is very slim.

So what films would you like to see made?





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4 Responses to Films that need to be made

  1. Katy says:

    Good question: But let me tell you something first. I am friends with someone who was one of the W brothers’ roommates in college and I will see if I could do some digging on if any sequels are being tossed around. okay?

    Well, I have seen many sequels made that have almost ruined the franchise but know if the writers took their time, a lot of stories can be continued. I, for one, would love to see a another Underworld sequel. I adored the first one, thought the second was tragically bad, and the prequel with Lucien was just okay. But I feel if they got back to the emotion of the first one it could be good.

  2. Pedro Sttau says:

    Katy that would be awesome, inside information on a possible Matrix sequel, ehehe fantastic! 😀

  3. Claire Ryan says:

    Finally someone with good taste, Underworld was great and if a proper director had taken charge we wouldn’t have had that second grade second movie.

  4. Amanda Dufin says:

    Love it Katy! That would be amazing!

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