Fifty Shades Of Grey Breaking Records At The Box Office!

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We told you it was coming. We told you this film was going to be huge. The abysmal 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes didn’t hurt the erotic drama at all. If anything, the bad reviews actually made people want to go see it more.

And even though most people agree it’s not a good movie, there are still some good things we can grab from its success. For example, Fifty Shades of Grey had the biggest opening weekend for a film directed by a woman in box office history.

In its first three days, the film grossed $81.7 million domestically, easily beating the $69.6 million from Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight. This is both good and bad news. It’s nice seeing female directors have success at the box office; however, there have obviously been better films directed by women. It’s a little sad to see Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight at the top of the list.

The film also shattered the record for the highest-grossing Presidents Day holiday weekend opener. The 2010 romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day, was the previous record holder with $56.3 million.

We can sit here and make fun of the movie all day, but the people who made it certainly don’t care.





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