THAT WAS FAST! New Trailer For ‘All The Money In The World’ Features Christopher Plummer Replacing Kevin Spacey

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Things move fast in Hollywood. Real fast. It was just last month that we found out Kevin Spacey was a huge creep, who allegedly tried to seduce a 14-year-old boy several years ago. He was fired from his Netflix show, House of Cards, and more surprisingly, he was completely removed from his upcoming film, All the Money in the World.

We say surprising, ’cause the movie is scheduled to be released December 22. It’s a little late in the production game to be removing an actor, and replacing him with a new one, but director Ridley Scott managed to do it.

Christopher Plummer was hired this month to reshoot Spacey’s scenes in the film, and it looks like they’re already finished with the reshoots. A new teaser trailer has been released, which shows Plummer in character…

Crazy, right? It’s like Spacey was never involved. By the way, Scott talked for the first time about his decision to replace Spacey in the film.

He talked to Entertainment Weekly and explained Plummer was his first, second choice.

“You have to know who you’re going to go for [to recast the role] and if he’s available. Chris [Plummer] was always on the list. So you find that out, but quietly, because you don’t want it going around. I flew into New York and met with [Plummer] and he said yes. So then we had to figure out if everyone else would be available to fit in these new days of shooting. Miraculously, they were. Before you can make the decision you have to make these quick phone calls around — not to the actors directly, but to the agents — saying there’s a possibility I may need some pickups [a.k.a. additional shooting days]. You don’t say why because of the gossip, but of course it was really for something much more significant.”

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