Fast & Furious 7: Movie Set Stills and a Word of Thanks from Vin Diesel

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Fast 7 movie stillsThere are two sides of the coin with the “Fast” series.  You have one side that call the movies crap and the other side that consists of die hard fans.

If you saw Fast 6, you really can’t say that the series is “crap” as that (minus the super-long runway) was a first class action flick.  It’s a certain genre of movie, if you don’t care for that genre, then that’s fine.  However, if you like things blowing up, hot girls, fast cars and halfway decent looking guys then this is your genre and the “Fast” movies are perfect.  Please don’t get them confused with the likes of Les Miserables or The Butler.  After the movie you should be asking yourself a few basic questions:

1. Were there hot cars?

2. Were there hot girls?

3. Did things blow up sufficiently?

4. Were there enough car chases

We have some stills from the latest installment “Fast 7”.  Yes 7.  I would say 7 is too much and possibly pushing things too far, but I said that at 4 and number 6 was great.  I have high expectations for 7.  Fast 7 is due out July 11, 2014. [more…]

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