‘Fantastic Four’ Director Blames Bad Reviews On The Studio, Claims Original Version Was Truly Fantastic

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We knew the production of Fantastic Four was a nightmare. There were rumors flying all over the place, even rumors of reshoots that were needed to fix the mess. Those apparently weren’t true; however, it’s clear there was some trouble in paradise.

Critics have been slamming the movie, and we’re not taking about a little baby slam. Fantastic Four has received a punishing chokeslam from over 100 critics. The film currently has a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kurt Loder from Reason Online wrote this…

“A movie so dull and awkwardly structured that you wonder why anyone would dare telegraph a sequel at the end.”

So what happened? How did Josh Trank, the director behind the wonderful 2012 film Chronicle, mess things up so badly? Well, according to Trank, his original version of the film was great. He blames the studio for the poor version you can currently see in a theater near you.

He posted the tweet you see below to his personal Twitter account yesterday. The tweet has since been deleted, but obviously multiple fans were able to capture it before it was gone forever.

Ouch. We may never know what really happened behind the scenes. Maybe Trank is telling the truth, or maybe this was just his way of attempting to save face. After all, this is one of the worst-reviewed comic book films of all time.

Either way, that tweet you see above is probably going to hurt his career more than the negative reviews.




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