Expendables 3: New Roll Call Video Release and 16 Character Posters!

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I have no idea what the payroll looks like for Expendables 3 but it consists of some of the biggest stars ever.  The only person that is not in this movie is me.  With the release of 16 character posters you are bound to see someone that will make you go see this flick.  Even I was surprised when I saw Kelsey Grammer!!

With the exception of the Entourage Movie, this has to be the best movie set to work on ever!  This movie to me doesn’t seem to be about egos, awards, or even acting.  It’s about making a blockbuster movie for the sake of making a block buster movie.

The results just have to be fantastic.  Not fantastic from a classical film perspective but from a senseless violence, crappy one liners, cameos, muscles and babes perspective.

The movie hits theaters on August 15th.  Here is the Roll Call video and the black and White movie posters below!  Enjoy.


Expendables3 Kellan Lutz

Expendables3 - Jason stathom

Expendables3 Dolph Lundgren

Expendables3 Randy Couture


Expendables3 Kelsey Grammar

Expendables3 Ronda Roussey

Expendables3 Wesley Snipes

Expendables3 Mel Gibson

Expendables3 Victor Ortiz

Expendables3 Slyvester Stallone

Expendables3 Glen Powell

Expendables3 Harrison Ford

Expendables3 Jet Li

Expendables3 Terry Crews

Expendables3 Antonio Banderas




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