Emma Watson Was Mortified When Jimmy Kimmel Surprised Her With This Hilarious Blooper From The First ‘Harry Potter’ Film (VIDEO)

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Emma Watson is a huge star now, and she probably doesn’t make many mistakes while filming anymore. But when she was just starting out on the first Harry Potter film, she developed a habit that would ruin scene after scene.

Jimmy Kimmel reminded her of this habit earlier this week during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In the video above, the 26-year-old star said…

“You laugh; this is actually quite traumatic for me. I created issues because of this. I would ruin takes. Chris [Columbus, who directed the first two HarryPotter films] would be like, ‘Cut. Emma. You’re doing it again. You’re mouthing Dan’s lines.’“

She later admitted that she just really loved the books and wanted to do a great job, so she decided to memorize every single line in the script.

“I kind of overdid it,” she said with a laugh.




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