‘El Camino’ Reportedly Draws Over 6 Million Viewers During Its First Weekend

Published On October 18, 2019 » 241 Views» By Z-rowe »

It’s always difficult to truly understand how Netflix tracks its viewership, but they are slowly starting to become more transparent.

And according to a recent report, the Breaking Bad sequel film ‘El Camino’ was viewed by an audience of around 6.5 million during its first three days on Netflix.

About 36% of the film’s average minute audience over its first three days were younger adults in the ages 18-34 demographic, the largest share among the measured demos. The audience was heavily male, with almost 40% comprised of men 18-49.

I don’t know if that’s a record or anything, but it sounds pretty good. Of course, the numbers Netflix releases always sound good.

‘El Camino’ has received mostly positive reviews from critics and fans. The general consensus seems to be that while it wasn’t a completely necessary sequel, it was a lot of fun and super entertaining.

You can watch the movie on Netflix, and if for some reason you still haven’t watched Breaking Bad, you can watch the entire series on Netflix as well.

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