Early Reviews For ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Are In: Should You Buy A Ticket This Weekend?

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I must admit, I have been loving the trailers for The Peanuts Movie. They are just so freaking adorable. I truly believe it’s impossible not to smile while watching them.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be worth the $14 ticket. I can go on YouTube and watch thousands of adorable cat videos for free, you know? I shouldn’t have to pay for a smile. So that’s the big question: does this film have enough juice? Can it keep you entertained for 90 minutes?

It looks like the answer is yes, according to the critics who got an early look at the movie. So far, it has an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, although, we should point out only 13 official reviews have been counted.

Peter Debruge from Variety writes that Blue Sky has delivered a ‘Peanuts’ adaptation its creator can be proud of…

“For those who know the strip well, ‘The Peanuts Movie’ should feel like the first day of a new school year, reunited with a classroom full of familiar faces.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Michael Rechtshaffen agrees with Peter, saying, “Does Charles M. Schulz proud.” Michael adds that the strange Meghan Trainor addition was the only thing that felt out of place…

“Only Meghan Trainor’s bouncy dance-pop contribution ‘Better When I’m Dancin’ feels a bit out of place in an otherwise caringly organic, affectionately composed love letter to Charles Schulz.”

Looks like this one will be worth the ticket! The Peanuts Movie hits theaters this weekend. Go watch it and smile for 90 minutes. You deserve it.




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