Early Reviews For The George Clooney Directed Film ‘The Midnight Sky’ Are In!

George Clooney’s passion project ‘The Midnight Sky’ is set to be released on Netflix just two days before Christmas on December 23.

Clooney directed, produced and stars in this film, which is based on the book ‘Good Morning Midnight‘ by Lily Brooks-Dalton.

The film tells Augustine’s post-apocalyptic story (Clooney), a lonely scientist in the arctic who races against time with a mute stowaway named Iris (newcomer Caoilinn Springall) to stop a group of astronauts from returning home to a global catastrophe.

In addition to Clooney, this film stars Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler and David Oyelowo.

The early reviews are starting to pour in, and they are wildly mixed. Right now, it sits at a confusing 54 rating on Metacritic, with just 16 reviews counted.

Out of those 16 reviews, one has been categorized as “negative” nine have been “mixed” and six have been “positive.”

So let’s show you little snippets from a positive review, a mixed review, and a negative review.

First up is David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter, who seemed to really enjoy the flick:

Shifting with grace and narrative equilibrium between the Arctic and a mission returning from Jupiter, this is a desolate elegy for a diseased planet and a prayer for the creation of life elsewhere in the universe. Flanked by a strong supporting cast, Clooney delivers a thoughtful reflection on the toll of environmental devastation.

Uproxx’s Mike Ryan was conflicted. He enjoyed parts of the movie, but felt like the movie may have been better had Clooney not been directing it.

Clooney wants to direct actors who aren’t himself, which I’m sure is why we spend so much time with the crew of the spaceship. But if Clooney weren’t directing, that director would have probably realized that the story thrives in those small moments with Clooney. It’s almost like the director George Clooney is the actor George Clooney’s worst enemy.

Finally, Variety’s Owen Gleiberman seemed unimpressed by the entire thing…

Some viewers will surely be moved. To me, though, The Midnight Sky just proves that a movie that reaches for the stars can still come up empty-handed.

Check out the trailer below…

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